What Is A Door Jamb?

by Shelley Maddison
What Is A Door Jamb
What Is A Door Jamb

The functioning of opening and closing of doors may seem to be easy but do you know that it is one of the complicated machinery consisting of various parts involving door jambs? Interested to find out what they are?

Let’s dive straight away!

So What Is A Door Jamb?

What Is A Door Jamb
What Is A Door Jamb

A door jamb consists of the posts which sit on either side of the door, making up the vertical portion of the frame.

The jamb is a particular part of the frame. It exists to take up the excess weight of the door, and also help keep the remainder of the frame square and stable. Your hinges are attached to the jamb on one side of the door, while the bolt crosses through the jamb on the other side.

Jambs aren’t just found on standard, single doors — they’re also part of moving, folding, and double-doors, in which they serve much the same purpose.

Importance Of Door Jambs

What Is A Door Jamb

Hinging and Closing- There are a few added components to every door which enable it to operate as it should. The hinges, for example, allow it to swing open and closed with no tipping. These hinges are screwed directly into the door jamb. 

If the jamb is weak, improperly set up, or experiencing dry rot, the door would lack the necessary strength and could struggle. Likewise, the closing mechanism, which is operated by the handle or knob, satisfies the door jamb. Therefore, the jamb supports the door shut and, whenever installed correctly, allows for a very hassle-free opening.

Leveling and Support- The main purpose of the door jambs, and the door frame as a whole, is to offer long-lasting assistance for the door. When hung, the door depends on this framing. The door jambs and various other parts of the frame are set up with care to ensure that the door holds level with the floor. 

In case this is not done correctly, the door would hang unequal or crooked. This may lead to several different issues. The doorway may not swing open and closed smoothly. It could leave behind spaces unfilled, perhaps even when shut, which decreased the effectiveness of the home. For these kinds of reasons and many others, the door jambs must be hung correctly and offer a tough resilience, so the door proceeds to work at its best.

Lock and Security- A solid door jamb provides a desirable sense of protection against burglary and theft. Although one may believe the kind of door or the quality of the securing system to be most important, without having a strong jamb, not either will matter. 

The reason for this is because a deadbolt securing method feeds from the door into the jamb. A weak door jamb makes a criminal’s job easier.

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