How To Know Outside AC Unit Not Running But Inside is

by Shelley Maddison
How To Know Outside AC Unit Not Running But Inside is
How To Know Outside AC Unit Not Running But Inside is

There are two indicators on  How To Know Outside AC Unit Not Running But Inside is

  • No Noise At All: Regardless of how silently your AC operates, certainly there is still a little hum that it creates, especially when the compressor begins. If your AC fails to generate any sound at all, even when the compressor is supposed to begin, it means that a specific thing might be wrong with the system that is installed outside.
  • Warm Air Blowing Into The Room: If in summer seasons, the air that blows within the space is warm or at room temperature level, it could show an issue with the outdoor AC unit. Generally, in warm weather, your AC should blow air, which is chill to decrease the temperature level and keep it enjoyable.
How To Know Outside AC Unit Not Running But Inside is
How To Know Outside AC Unit Not Running But Inside is

Reasons Outside AC Unit Not Running But Inside Is.

There could be a couple of reasons behind why the outside AC unit is not running but the inside is. A few of these can undoubtedly be attended to by the homeowner, and for others, a qualified AC technician is the only response.

1. Mistakenly Unit Switched Off 

 Normally, near the outdoor AC unit, there is an off and on the switch. Somebody may have accidentally turned it to an off position. When this occurs, the outside unit will not function because the power supply to it is switched off. You just need to bring the switch back to the on position.

2. Tripped Circuit Breaker 

When it comes to this, you will need to open the circuit box to inspect if the breaker for the outside unit has tripped. In case it has, you are required to turn it back on. However, if the breaker continues tripping regularly, the issue requires to be reviewed to ensure that your AC does not experience any significant damage.

3. Inaccurate Thermostat Setting 

The thermostat setting might fail for two factors. The very first being, someone set the temperature higher than the room temperature level. In this scenario, the outdoor unit will not start given that the compressor is not needed for cooling the room. The second condition is the moment the thermostat establishes a fault. If this is the issue, you will initially have to ask the AC professional to validate your analysis. As soon as he concurs, the thermostat will require to be changed with a new one.

4. Obstructed Drain Line 

As a security feature, the outdoor unit of some air conditioners quit working if their drain line is obstructed. To fix the issue unclog the drain pipe. Either you can do this yourself or you can ask your AC professional to do the same for you.

5. Broken Compressor 

Only an experienced HVAC technician can inform you if the compressor of your AC is broken. If it’s a minor problem, he might perform repairs as deemed fit. In extreme cases, he will advise you to either purchase a brand-new compressor or a brand-new outside unit. In either of the extreme cases, ask for a second opinion from an experienced professional to verify the issue.

6. Old AC 

An AC which is greater than 10 to 12 years old may establish defects because of huge wear and tear. In old air conditioners, it is not advisable to perform repair work as they will just offer momentary relief until the next problem turns up. Outside the AC unit not running but inside might be how the issue has manifested itself in your aged air conditioner. It’s time to retire it and purchase a brand-new one.


Outside AC unit not running does not mean the death of your AC. It is an indication that an issue exists. A basic way to evaluate this system is by resetting your air conditioner.

This switch is usually near the outside unit. Attempt pushing this reset button, it may potentially begin your outdoor unit. Nevertheless, if your AC does not have this “reset” button, you can attempt turning off your AC at the thermostat. After turning it off, wait a minimum of 5 minutes and turn it back on again. If even then the outdoor unit fails to start, call for a professional AC maintenance expert.

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