Best Time To Water Lawn to Keep Your Grass Looking Fresh

by Shelley Maddison
Best Time To Water Lawn
Best Time To Water Lawn

Greenish and heavenly lawns can be difficult to maintain. And in cases where your lawn isn’t blooming as green or as thick as you would like, it can be tricky to understand why. Frequently, the grass may be having a hard time because it’s not receiving enough water or not obtaining water at the right time.┬áSo when is the best time to water lawn?

Or perhaps your grass looks fine, but you want to know exactly how much time to water grass or the best time of day to water grass to help save water. Read to learn about the most common watering false moves you might be making with your lawn, the best time to water grass, and how to fix them to assist your lawn to grow in a healthy condition.

1. Which Is The Best Time To Water Lawn?

To water well, the right time is important. Water in the morning– between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Noontime watering leads to careless evaporation, while night time watering induces droplets to retain the lawn through the night, increasing the chance of lawn diseases. And watering in the morning maintains the grass cooler during the hottest parts of the day, which means less stress on the grass.

If it’s not adaptable to water in the morning, late afternoon is the second-best period. But, don’t delay too long.

2. How Long To Water Your Lawn

Best Time To Water Lawn
Best Time To Water Lawn

It is ideal to water lawns roughly one inch of water per week. To determine how long you need to water to receive one inch, position a plastic container in your lawn, and also set a timer. On average, it may take 30 minutes to obtain a half-inch of water. So, 20 minutes, three times each week will provide a lawn about an inch of water.

This formula works most effectively with healthy, well-cultivated soil. Healthy and balanced soil offers exceptional drainage while at the same time also providing just the right amount of water retention at the root zone, where grass needs it best. Poor soil with insufficient drainage will cause the soil to end up being waterlogged, whereas soil lacking organic matter will cause water to drain, leaving soil unnecessarily dry.

3. How To Know If You’ve Watered Enough

Evaluate The Soil.

To see how long it will get to soak the soil, assess it every 15 minutes during your first watering by making use of a screwdriver to test how deeper the water has gone. Note the time once the soil has been soaked to a depth of at least 6 inches– that is actually how long you’ll need to water your lawn each time in the future. Very short on time and merely if you can avoid watering for the day? Use this general rule: If you can’t simply insert that screwdriver 6 inches deep into the soil, you need to water.

4. How Many Times You Should Water The Lawn Each Week?

While overwatering is a common mistake, it happens to be one of the most destructive. Unless watering newly planted grass seed, don’t water daily.

Frequent, meaning less watering wastes water and money. It also leads to several lawn issues, including diseases, insect infestations, and damage from heat and cold. However, watering for a long time but less frequently, “deep watering,” produces deep roots that mean lawns can better get through periods of drought. The ideal watering schedule is one or two times each week, for about 25 to 30 minutes each time.

5. How To Water Lawn

Impact sprinklers are even more versatile if you purchase one which is connected to a tripod. These are great for large areas since the additional height maximizes the distance the sprinkler will spray water. There are other benefits too. You can conveniently readjust the spray pattern with much less stooping, and you can set the spray over the top of shrubs and flower gardens. 

And finally, the adjustable legs enable you to level out the lawn sprinkler on uneven ground. You can purchase tripod impact sprinklers at home centers and garden centers.

To Summarize Simply, Heres An Infographic on Good Practices to Keeping a Healthy Lawn!

Best Time To Water Lawn
Best Time To Water Lawn

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